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As a club we have and are involved in a number of charity and community events, both providing practical help and fundraising.

Our annual Soup Party in November raises money for the Ipswich Soup Kitchen, and their associated projects.

We’ll also be regularly involved with various environment days, which range from beach cleaning to helping forest rangers.

We’ll happily help out with other peoples events, should they need marshals or tin-shakers – whatever is needed really.

We also enjoy running smaller events, where we encourage donations. These have included afternoon tea picnics, anti-halloween parties, and The Great Outdoor Chicken Games.

Also, within the club, we have regular ‘Exchange/donate’ features in our monthly planning meeting. We pick a subject, say DVDs, and members bring along any unwanted examples. People present may take home any they fancy, and the remainder are donated to local chairty shops. It’s proved a useful prompt for members trying to cut down on clutter, a nice members-benefit, and with around 150 items a year going to charity, we’ve probably stocked a fair few shelves in the local charity shops.
Here’s some of the other recent charitable events we’ve been involved in

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