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Christingle Jingle Pringle Mingle

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Dec 012017

Every year we hold a Christingle Jingle Pringle Mingle: a pre-Christmas meet up, with festive games, challenges, food and a look at some seasonal traditions.  This year we traumatised some marshmallows in our melting-snowman biscuit contest. Here are a few of the unlucky specimens:

As well as more traditional edibles, a good few rounds of Monikers (think charades, but more fun…) and of course, the titular christingles, with songs and explanations by Sarah.

What will next year’s Christingle challenge be? Stay tuned… for a year… to find out!

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Visit to Southwold

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Sep 202015

The club took a day out in Southwold. No greater purpose than to just enjoy a nice day out.

With fun at the Under the Pier show, a lovely beach to walk along, and plenty of unusual shops… Southwold is just a really nice place to spend a relaxing afternoon.

A few snaps of the day


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Aug 272015

HuntingForCluesWebThursday saw a few members of the group heading out into the Suffolk countryside in the hunt for hidden treasure.  Guided only by a highly sophisticated network of satellites and a bit of guess work on mapping clues onto latitude and longitude co-ordinates, the team managed to successfully locate two caches.





We also dropped off Cogwyn  a travel-bug who we’re hoping will travel around from cache to cache catching up with other Rotarians around the world.

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Mad Hatters Tea Party

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Jul 302015

Partly just some fun for our club, and partly dry-running an idea for a future charity/community event…
With dressing up, croquet, fiendish puzzles, a fun ‘story hunt’, pin the smile on the cat, lots of cakes, loads of tea-pots, and even some tea… it was a mad, hattery, fun!

Fancy that dress Tea!

You can download our printable puzzle sheets from the party for your own use here:

Wonderland Expert Crossword

Wonderland Wordsearch

Quiz Night Victory

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May 292015

This week saw some of the club members and a couple of guests pop along to a local pub quiz to pit our wits against the quizzing experts of Carling  (apparently they make beer too).   We arrived somewhat mob-handed for quiz teams of 4, so we split into two rival groups and the mental gymnastics commenced.

Despite a lack of footballing or soap-opera knowledge (apparently Billy the Fish doesn’t play for Spurs), we ended up doing pretty well, getting first and second place.  Perhaps now we’re Rotarians rather than Rotaractors our streak of pitiful performances at Rotary quizzes will be at an end!

Congratulations to Wendy, John and Rachel, the winning team and Alan, Robert and Mark who came in second and now know never to trust Mark if he says he knows anything about horse-racing…


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Fire and BBQ

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Apr 242015

Some of our members are of a circusy bent, so we had an evening BBQ with the odd bit of playing with fire. Remember, though, don’t try this at home. Join the club and do it at someone else’s!

There’s some more photos of the event in our gallery

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