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Welcome to the club

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May 182015

Satellite_18th_May_2015 On Monday 18th May we were made very welcome as new satellite members of the Deben Rotary Club. Deben Rotary President Dudley Deas inducted the new members at a ceremony at Ufford Park Hotel. Dudley said, “The new satellite club is exactly what it says on the tin”: it will be part of the Deben Rotary club, the new members will be able to take part in the privileges and responsibilities of the wide-ranging activities of the twenty-five year old Rotary Club, but the new Satellite Club will meet at separate times and venues – in a “separate orbit”, so to speak. It will be attractive to young professionals who wish to contribute to their local community and have some fun.”
He continued, “I am sure these new young members will contribute immensely to our successful charitable and fundraising work. Their skills base is different to our present club’s so naturally they will bring an added dimension to our club”.

We’re looking forward to bringing our own vision of the Rotary ideals to Deben and running many successful events in the future, both seperately and in conjunction with Deben Rotary.

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