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What is a ‘satellite’ club?
A satellite clubs provide a new option for creating Rotary clubs. A satellite club functions as a short-term,
transitional step on the way to becoming a full, independent Rotary club.

Why form a satellite club?
A number of us in the local area have had good experiences within Rotaract, the youth-wing of the Rotary Organisation and wanted to carry on with the social and charity aspects when we left. Rotaract has an upper-age limit of 30, and while the general plan then would be to join a local Rotary club, these are often made up of more experienced people who are often retired. This left a gap for those of us still working, too old to stay in Rotaract but not quite as ‘experienced’ as some of our senior Rotary friends. To meet this gap, we have gathered together to form a satellite club, to gain the benefits of being affiliated with a senior Rotary organisation, but still be able to run events in the flexible manner we were used to from Rotaract.

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